Our Past Experience

Mike and Peg Standish started their business 30 years ago in their garage selling filing systems and binders. Over time the business evolved into a national provider of online stores for branded merchandise and printed collateral for corporations, colleges and the licensed Greek market.

During these years, Advanced-Online focused on financially supporting children's poverty and children's education programs.  


New Opportunity

Having recently sold Advanced-Online to Follett Corporation, they have decided to start a new business, Compassion For Kids, for the primary purpose of helping children through their business experience!  


How Compassion For Kids Will Support Children!

Compassion For Kids will provide consulting services, branded merchandise, and printing services for children's non-profits and for-profit organizations to generate revenues that will continue and expand support for children's poverty programs and inner-city education.

20% of all sales revenue will be sent to one of the children's non-profits listed on the Compassion For Kids web site. Each customer will select the children's group they would like to support.

Our goal is to collaborate with non-profits we support and, for-profit customers, to provide superior products and services while simultaneously generating revenues to support charities.

For more information about Compassion For Kids and how to support children, please contact Compassion For Kids at pstandish@compassionforkids.com.